Brown Lambeth Stoneware Ink Pot 86

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Brown Lambeth Stoneware Ink Pot 86 Summary

Brown Lambeth Stoneware Ink Pot 86 US.02.136.NS

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Antique Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Ink Bottle with an impressed number 86 - A wonderful example of late nineteenth century earthenware with a classic V top design and bottle shape - Doulton  Lambeth Mark in an oval with either a “86” in the centre.  The Bottle has been fired with the Dark Chocolate high fired saltglaze - not applied evenly to the base and edge.  These bulk ink bottles were used to top up school ink wells and fancy writing sets. This particular piece is very high quality and can still be used as an ink bottle in spite of standing at over 150 years old. A great antique find with no chips or cracks. Dimensions measure approx. 22cm in circumference and 14cm in height from the base.


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