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South AmericanSouth American art consists of Argentine art‎ - Brazilian art‎ - Chilean art‎ - Ecuadorian art‎ - Peruvian art‎ - Uruguayan art‎ etc. Visual art in South America is shaped largely by Spanish, Portuguese and French baroque painting. These were influences by Italian artists. Thus visual art of South America owes its origins to the European Artists. By early 20th century South America started developing its own style.

South America art can be traced back to the natives of South America-the Incas who were the first to introduce native South American art. – South Central native cultures are known for their artwork in gold but are also known for many other forms of expression through textiles, pottery and stone.

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Butterfly Morpho Didius of Peru - Sout..

Butterfly Morpho Didius of Peru - Sout..

Butterfly Morpho Didius of Peru - South America in Hexagon Wood Frame J13.03 75.00 (Plus Shipping) Raised in Peru - iridescent blue colors makes the huge metallic Blue Morpho one of the most popular butterflies among collectors. The wings of the Blue Morpho actually change color from light to dark blue...

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