Old Pawn Squash Blossom

Old Pawn Squash BlossomOne of the most characteristic of Southwest Indian jewelry designs, the squash blossom necklace was not traditional until after the arrival of Europeans, when Navajo silversmiths adopted the crescent-shaped "naja" of the Spanish into their own artwork. The earliest Navajo squash blossom necklaces were silver only; the now-familiar turquoise inlay patterns were a Zuni innovation in the 19th century. It is unknown where the name "squash blossom necklace" originally came from, since none of the Navajo, Zuni nor other Pueblo Indians call the necklace this in their own language 1800 century squash blossoms are highly praised and sot after – some selling as high as $75,000 – 1900 – 1940 sell from $1200 to $10,000 depending on the artist and the popularity of the mine. The darker the turquiose and the older the silver, the higher the price. 

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Hand Crafted Turquoise Coral & Sterl..

Hand  Crafted  Turquoise Coral & Sterl..

Old Pawn Hand Crafted Turquoise Coral & Sterling 13 Thunderbird Necklace Zuni or/ Navajo J13.82 2900.00 (Plus Shipping) Authentic vintage old pawn - Approx. 36 each turquoise & coral chip inlayed Thunderbird measures approx.. 1 x 1 w/ horseshoe focal sterling hand stamped chisel work handmade bench beads...

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