CanadianCanadian art refers to the visual (including painting, photography, and printmaking) as well as plastic arts (such as sculpture) originating from the geographical area of contemporary Canada. Art in Canada is marked by thousands of years of habitation by First Nations Peoples followed by waves of immigration which included artists of European origins and subsequently by artists with heritage from countries all around the world. The nature of Canadian art reflects these diverse origins, as artists have taken their traditions and adapted these influences to reflect the reality of their lives in Canada. 

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I Dreamed of an End to This - Artist K..

I Dreamed of an End to This - Artist K..

# 15 " I Dreamed of an End to This" Karen Tamminga-Paton Mixed Media Collage 2009 500.00 (Plus Shipping) Frame & Mat 29 x 20" Painting 20 1/2 x 13" Born in Smithers, B.C., - graduated from the University of Waterloo and Queen's with a focus in environmental education, and a minor in fine art. A major...

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